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Hey there! I’m Shahana Banu, the top-notch digital marketing strategist in Wayanad ,Kerala, India. If you’re looking to take your business to new heights, I’ve got your back with my exceptional online marketing strategies. I completed my BSC in Chemistry from  University of Calicut before diving into the world of digital marketing. As an expert in Digital Marketing, I specialize in solving all your marketing woes through various online channels such as SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, Web Development, and Email Marketing. Count on me to boost your website traffic and skyrocket your sales!

More About Digital Marketing

what is digital marketing.digital marketing strategist in wayanad

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses the effective utilization of diverse online strategies and channels to promote products or services. It encompasses a broad spectrum of activities, including social media marketing, email campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and online advertising. The main goal is to engage and captivate target audiences on digital platforms.

Who is a Digital Marketer?

 A digital marketer is an expert in promoting products, services, or brands through digital platforms and channels. The main aim of digital marketing is to connect with specific audiences using different online techniques and technologies. By utilizing the internet and electronic devices, digital marketers effectively reach consumers and encourage their involvement.

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What is digital marketing strategy and who is a Digital Marketing Strategist ?

Digital marketing strategy is a detailed blueprint that outlines the utilization of digital channels, technologies, and platforms by a business or organization to accomplish its marketing goals. It entails harnessing diverse online tools and tactics to effectively connect with the intended audience, boost website traffic, generate potential leads, and ultimately convert them into loyal customers.

What is digital marketing strategy

Services I provide as a Digital Marketing Strategist in Wayanad


As a digital marketing strategist in Wayanad , I can help you in SEO. Search Engine Optimization is all about improving a website’s technical setup, content relevance, and link popularity. This helps make the website’s pages more easily discoverable, relevant, and preferred by users when they search for something. As a result, search engines give them higher rankings.


SEM, or search engine marketing, is a powerful tool in the world of online marketing. As a digital marketing strategist , I   aims to boost website visibility by using paid advertising techniques on search engine results pages.


Social media marketing is all about using social media platforms and websites to promote and support products or services. Even though e-marketing and digital marketing terms are commonly used in academic circles, social media marketing is becoming more popular among professionals and researchers. And it can be done by a digital marketing strategist.


Email marketing is all about sending promotional emails to a specific group of people. Basically, any email that is sent to a potential or current customer can be considered as email marketing. This approach involves using emails to share advertisements, explore business prospects, or boost sales and donations.


Content marketing is an effective marketing approach I do as a digital marketing strategist in Wayanad  that revolves around the development, dissemination, and circulation of content with the aim of captivating a targeted online audience.

what is social media marketing.digital marketing strategist in wayanad

Digital marketing is the utilization of digital platforms, channels, and technologies to endorse and publicize products, services, or brands. It encompasses a wide array of online marketing endeavors that harness the power of the internet and electronic devices. The primary objective of digital marketing is to effectively and quantifiably reach and captivate a specific target audience while keeping costs in check.

A digital marketing strategist’s main responsibility is to create and execute online marketing strategies that help achieve specific business goals. This role requires a mix of creativity, analytical thinking, and technical expertise .Ican help you as a best digital marketing strategist in Wayanad.

Some successful strategies of a digital marketing strategist are : Interacting with your audience using polls, live sessions, Q&A sessions, contests, comments, and tailored content according to their interests fosters engagement and cultivates a loyal fan base.

1. Expand your reach to a global audience without any geographical limitations.
2. Take advantage of affordable options available on social media and email platforms.
3. Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with detailed analytics.
4. Keep track of important metrics like website traffic, conversion rates, and engagement with the help of a digital marketing strategist.
5. Target specific demographics and user segments to tailor your messages effectively.
6. Personalize your marketing messages based on age, location, interests, and online behavior.
7. Engage in two-way communication with your customers for better interaction.
8. Create a sense of community through social media and online platforms.
9. Customize your marketing messages for each individual customer.

If you need any assistance or have any ideas, don't hesitate to contact me. I can help you as a Digital Marketing Strategist in Wayanad.




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